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Wit's End is a challenging and entertaining trivia and brain-teasing game that will test the knowledge of players and engage how they think through some problem-solving.

Game Components[]

  • Game Board
  • Collection of 200 questions covering topics like popular culture, geography, arts, history, science, and more...
  • Playing pieces
  • Die
  • Instructions

Game Objective[]

Wit's End is a mental challenge where players navigate around and upward on a multi-tiered game board by providing accurate responses to questions from four distinct card categories.

The game board is segmented into tiers of varying colors (blue, green, red, and purple), with blue situated at the base. These tiers are interconnected by a series of arrows enabling players to advance on the board.

The first player to reach the center of the game board (marked by the Wit's End logo) and accurately answer a question becomes the winner of the game.


Each player selects a playing pawn and situates it on any corner square within the bottom (blue) tier (players are allowed to begin from the same square). Rolling the die determines the starting player (highest roll).

Card Categories[]

The game introduces four card categories, each presenting distinct challenges. Sure, here's the information presented in a wikitext table format:

Category Description
Teaser category The objective involves deciphering the rhyming riddle enclosed within quotation marks.
Odd1Out category Presents a clue or question, requiring the identification of the item that stands apart among the four choices.
Sequence category Participants arrange the given options in a specified order (e.g., from longest to shortest, oldest to youngest, most to least, etc. – precise numbers or figures are not required).
Wild Card category Remains unpredictable in terms of question type – tasks might involve solving a renowned quote, responding to brainy trivia, true or false queries, and more (simply follow the provided question instructions).


For the initial player, roll the die and move your playing pawn either left or right, as indicated by the rolled number.

Subsequently, draw a card and respond to the question from the suitable category (e.g., land on a Teaser square and answer a question from the Teaser category). Landing on dice squares entails another roll.

For accurate responses, roll again to continue – you may alter your direction (left or right) following each roll on your current tier (refer below for ascending a tier). Your turn persists until an incorrect answer, at which point the turn transfers to the next player.

To advance to a higher tier, first land on a square directly beneath an arrow. If your answer is correct, move your piece to the next tier and roll again to proceed along the new tier. An incorrect response results in staying put – your turn concludes.

Upon reaching the top-level square (bearing the Wit's End logo), draw a card – no roll is needed. Before checking the card, designate the category from which you will respond to a question.

A correct answer leads to victory. A mistaken response requires sliding your playing pawn down to the purple tier – your turn ends.

Bonus! / Sorry! Features[]

An intriguing twist adds an element of unpredictability: subsequent to guessing an answer, you might uncover a BONUS! or SORRY! feature attached to the answer side of the card.

These features introduce an element of chance (not reflective of question difficulty). They might involve promoting/demoting yourself or another opponent. Simply follow the instructions on the cards.