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We Didn't Playtest This at All

We Didn't Playtest This at All is a card game by Asmadi Games that involving ever-changing rules, random card drawings, and rock-scissors-paper battles.


The primary objective in the game is to emerge as the victor. Failure to secure victory results in exclusion from the game. In a scenario where all players, except a singular individual, have faced defeat, that individual is declared the winner.

To initiate the game, it is requisite to thoroughly shuffle all the cards and distribute two to each participating player. The selection of the first player should be as random as feasibly possible.

During one's turn, the procedure involves drawing a single card from the deck and subsequently playing one card from the hand. It is imperative to faithfully adhere to the instructions delineated on the card. Once a player completes their turn, the opportunity to play passes to the individual situated on their left.

It may come to one's attention that certain cards bear the distinction of being designated as Star Cards. This classification is bestowed upon them owing to their manifest superiority over the standard cards. To ensure an equilibrium in gameplay, each player possesses an equitable likelihood of drawing a Star Card from the deck during their respective turn.

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