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Here are the Cards from Via Nebula:

Image Name Type Amount Description
Quiet Town (Via Nebula)
Quiet Town Private contract 2 This card provides no special abilities but grants 4 points at the game's conclusion.
Secret Plan (Via Nebula)
Secret Plan Private contract 2 Draw a card from the draw pile on the main board and add it to your hand. This card can be used to construct a building and is now considered a private contract.
Express Delivery (Via Nebula)
Express Delivery Private contract 2 Select any resource from the general reserve and position it on one of your building sites.
Shortcut (Via Nebula)
Shortcut Private contract 2 Take away the two leftmost meadow tiles from your guild board and relocate them to the tile reserve.
Lazy Explorer (Via Nebula)
Lazy Explorer Neutral contract 1 To fulfill this contract, your building site must contain two resources of the same type. This contract doesn't grant any abilities but awards 1 extra point for each unrevealed explorer you possess at the game's conclusion.
Abundance (Via Nebula)
Abundance Neutral contract 2 Remove an exploitation token of your choice from the main board, replacing it with the resources shown on the token. This action opens a new neutral exploitation.
Architect (Via Nebula)
Architect Neutral contract 1 This card has no inherent powers but provides 1 extra point for each contract you've fulfilled, including itself, by the game's end.
Adventurers (Via Nebula)
Adventurers Neutral contract 2 You can play a meadow tile on any forbidden space, bypassing exploration rules.
Mayor (Via Nebula)
Mayor Neutral contract 1 This card doesn't confer any specific abilities but grants 2 extra points for each contract requiring exactly 2 resources that you've fulfilled at the game's end.
Caravan (Via Nebula)
Caravan Neutral contract 2 Take away 1 resource from one of your exploitations or building sites and return it to the general reserve. Alternatively, retrieve 1 resource from your storage area and place it back into the general reserve.
Distillery (Via Nebula)
Distillery Neutral contract 6 You're allowed 1 additional action of your choice. Note: If your first action was to fulfill this contract, you can use your next 2 actions to explore a petrified forest if desired.
Exportation (Via Nebula)
Exportation Neutral contract 2 Remove up to 2 resources and return them to the general reserve. Each resource can be taken from one of your exploitations, building sites, or storage area.
Store (Via Nebula)
Store Neutral contract 6 Swap one of your resources on an exploitation or building site with a resource of your choosing from the general reserve.
Merchant (Via Nebula)
Merchant Neutral contract 1 This card doesn't grant specific abilities but rewards 1 extra point for each exploitation token you possess at the end of the game.
Workshop (Via Nebula)
Workshop Neutral contract 4 You may play a meadow tile on any petrified forest, ignoring exploration rules.
Priest (Via Nebula)
Priest Neutral contract 1 To fulfill this contract, you need 3 resources, each of a different type. This card doesn't offer any powers but awards 3 points at the game's conclusion.
By Air! (Via Nebula)
By Air! Neutral contract 4 Move a meadow tile from the main board and position it on any fog space, without adhering to exploration rules.

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