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UpWords is a variant of Scrabble, featuring a 10 × 10 square board, up to 4 players, and 100 letter tiles. The objective of the game is the same, but other aspects of the game are slightly different.


The main difference in gameplay between Scrabble and UpWords is that in UpWords, letters can be played on top of a previously existing word as long as at least one letter from the previous word remains on top, and stacks of 6 or higher cannot be made. Players can, on their turn, instead of playing, either exchange 1 tile for a new one, the mix it back into the draw pile, or pass their turn by doing nothing. Also, plurals cannot be made simply by adding an 'S'. Words can be challenged at no cost to either player, but the challenged player must take their letters back if the challenger is correct.


Setup is the same as in Scrabble, but the first word played must cover at least 1 of the center 4 spaces of the board.

Letter Tiles[]

See UpWords/Letter tiles for in-depth information about letter tiles in UpWords.


If all letters in a word are only 1 high, they score 2 points each, if a word contains any stacked letters, they score 1 point each, including each letter in each stack. You score 2 extra points when you use the 'Qu' tile, you score 20 extra points if you use all 7 of your letters in one turn, and you subtract 1 point for each letter tile that you cannot play at the end of the game.