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The many roles of Ultimate Werewolf include:

Name Description
Apprentice Seer Become the Seer if the Seer is killed.
Aura Seer At night, find the team of one player. (variation: At night, find out if someone has a non-ordinary role and what it is).
Beholder Opens his eyes the first night to see who the seer is.
Big Bad Wolf If the werewolves target is beside you, you can kill any combination of your adjacent players. However, if the leprechaun redirects the initial attack, none of your adjacent players die. (variation: you can attack one person beside the initial werewolf target.)
Bogeyman If the wolves can't decide who to kill, you'll do it for them. You win if all the night-active players are dead.
Bodyguard Choose a different player each night to protect. That player cannot be killed that night.
Cupid Choose two players to be lovers. If one of those players dies, the other dies from a broken heart.
The Count The first night, you are told how many werewolves there are in each half of the village.
Diseased If you are attacked by werewolves, the werewolves do not get fed the following night.
Fruit Brute If you are the last wolf left alive, you lose your appetite and cannot feed, but you are trying to root out all the villagers.
Ghost Die the first night, then each day, write one letter clues as a message from the beyond (no names or initials).
Hunter If you are killed, take someone down with you.
Village Idiot Always vote for players to die.
Insomniac each night, learn at least one of your neighbors has woken up during the night.
Lycan You are a villager, but you appear falsely to be a werewolf to the Seers and PI.
Wolf man The exact opposite of a lycan.
Martyr Take the place of someone who has been killed before their role is revealed.
Mason (3) You know who the other Masons are.
Mayor Your vote counts twice when voting to day kill a player if you reveal yourself.
Old Hag At night, indicate a player who must leave the village the next day.
Old Man You will die on night X, where X is the number of werewolves in the game plus one.
P.I. Inspect three players each night (they must be beside each other). You only know if at least one of them is malicious. (variation: Inspect three adjacent players on one night).
Pacifist You cannot vote during the day kill.
Priest On the first night, protect a player. The next attempt to kill the player fails. The night after that attempt, you protect a different player. (variation: Protect one player from death caused at night, including vampire attacks.)
Prince You can't be killed during the day.
Seer Each night, point at a player and learn if they are: Either on the villager team, or a vampire, or, if a werewolf, the exact powers.
Spellcaster At night, indicate a player who must not use their voice the following day.
Tough Guy You survive an extra day if attacked by werewolves at night.
Troublemaker Once per game, choose to have two day kill attempts on one day. If the votes are tied, then you've wasted your chance.
The Amulet of Protection Anyone who has this won't ever die. You must pass the Amulet to another player each day or else it is destroyed.
White Wolf (Miller's Hollow) Wakes up every night with the werewolves. Every other night, wake up alone as well as with the wolves, and kill anyone. To win, you must be the LONE SURVIVOR of

the game.

Thing Each night, tap a player sitting immediately next to you.
Villager (20) Find the werewolves and kill them during the day.
Witch Kill or heal a player, once each per game.
Sorcerer You are a seer, but you are on the Werewolf team. You only know if you've found a werewolf, another seer, or something else.
Minion Work with the werewolves or vampires to kill the villagers. The moderator decides whether you work with the werewolves or the vampires.
Werewolf (12) Eat a villager each night.
Wolf Cub If you die, the werewolves get two kills the following night.
Dream Wolf If a werewolf dies, you replace them (you're not allowed to wake up until a werewolf dies.)
Cursed You are a villager until attacked by werewolves, at which time you become a werewolf. (variation: You become a vampire when attacked by vampires.)
Doppelgänger Select a player the first night. If that player dies, you secretly take that role.
Drunk You are a villager until the third night, when you remember your real role.
Cult Leader Each night, add a player to your cult. You win if all of the players left alive are part of your cult.
Hoodlum Indicate two players on the first night. If they die and you are alive at the end of the game, you win.
Tanner You only win if you are killed.
Lone Wolf You are a werewolf, but you only win if you are the last wolf team member alive.
Vampire (8) Attack another player each night. They die if there is a nomination the next day.
Little Girl Like a villager but each night she gets to peek out but be discrete so the wolves don't notice, because they can signal the moderator if they think you are the little girl. You die if the wolves' accusation was correct.
Wild Child on the first night the Wild Child chooses 1 "role model" if the role model dies the wild child becomes a werewolf until then the wild child is a normal villager
Sasquatch You are a villager until a day ends without a day kill, in which case you become a werewolf.
Leprechaun You can redirect werewolf attacks to players adjacent to the target(s), but you don't have to.
Bloody Mary If you die, kill someone from the team that killed you each night.
Chupacabra Each night, select a player. If they are a werewolf, they die. If they aren't a werewolf, they don't die. If all the wolves are dead, kill a player each night.
Nostradamus Predict the winning team on the 1st night. If that team wins AND you are alive at the end of the game, you get a solo win. For the rest of the game you are a villager.
Dire Wolf On the first night choose a companion. You die if they die, but if you die they don't die. You are on the wolf team. (variation: Put yourself in love on the first night).
________ Some decks come with 3 cards with no role or description. The owner can make a role up and write it down.
Fortune Teller (Miller's Hollow) You know the exact roles of your inspectees (wolf man/lycan excepted), and the person you inspected doesn't know it.
Moderator Moderates the game. You can't play without this role.
Black Wolf A spell caster and a werewolf combined.