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Here is some information about turns in Tigris & Euphrates:

Andrew's Turn[]

Andrew initiates the game by positioning two leaders on the board: a king and a priest (1). This action establishes two kingdoms.

Barbara's Turn[]

Barbara's first action involves placing her farmer (2) in a kingdom created by Andrew, extending its size. Subsequently, she positions a farm on an adjacent river space (3), resulting in her receiving a crop (4). Since the farmer and farm share the same color, Barbara exercises control over them. She then draws one tile from the bag to replenish her hand (not shown).

David's Turn[]

David places his king (5) on the board to create a new kingdom. Following this, he positions a temple (6) and earns an amulet (7) because there is no priest of a matching color in the kingdom. Consequently, the controller of the king receives the amulet. David's arrangement of the temple places his king adjacent to two temples. He replenishes his hand by drawing one tile.

Karen's Turn[]

Karen, who initially drew four temples, decides to take an assertive approach. Her first action involves placing her priest (8) in the same kingdom as Andrew's priest, triggering a revolt. Both players have one temple supporting their leaders on the board. Karen commits three additional temples from behind her screen (9). Although Andrew could commit a maximum of two extra temples, this would not be enough to tie with Karen, so he opts not to contribute any extra temples. Karen emerges as the victor (four to one), and her committed temples are removed from