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This is a list of systems in The Captain Is Dead:

Name Description
Jump Core Repairing the Jump Core is the ultimate goal and key to winning the game. Nothing takes precedence over restoring the Jump Core.
Teleporter Facilitates swift movement between different ship locations, ensuring easy transitions.
Shields Offer protection against ship damage caused by enemy attacks. If the Shields malfunction and you're hit again, the game is lost.
Comm System Enables convenient card exchanges with other players across the entire ship.
External Scanners Provide advance visibility of impending threats, allowing strategic planning ahead of their arrival.
Computers Grant access to additional Skill cards, which are essential for achieving victory in the game.
Internal Sensors Allow players to choose Skill cards deliberately, enhancing decision-making.
Trauma Station Serves as a healing point for injured players, aiding in their recovery.
Torpedo Tube Temporarily repels the alien assault, creating a defensive buffer.
Security Station Zaps aliens who have infiltrated the ship, safeguarding its integrity.
Upgrades Engage in research to introduce new Systems to the ship, enhancing its capabilities.
Research Station Conduct research and eliminate Anomalies from the game, ensuring smoother gameplay.
Captain's Journal Acts as a source for acquiring Battle Plans, offering one-time special abilities.
Cargo POD Offers an additional avenue to obtain Skills for players.

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