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The Captain is Dead

The Captain Is Dead is a 2014 cooperative board game set in a science fiction theme. Designed by Joe Price and JT Smith, with artwork by Gaetano Leonardi, Scott Nicely, and JT Smith, the game is published by Alderac Entertainment Group and others. It accommodates 2 to 7 players and has a playing time of 60 to 90 minutes. The game is recommended for players aged 14 and above, with a complexity rating of 2.38 out of 5.

In the game, players assume the roles of crew members from a science fiction TV show. The premise is that the captain of the spaceship has been killed, and the surviving crew members must collaborate to save the ship and themselves within the final 10 minutes of the scenario. The main objective is to reactivate the ship's engines, known as the "Jump Core," while dealing with the threat posed by a hostile alien ship that is attempting to destroy them.

The starship is equipped with various systems that offer advantages as long as they remain functional. However, the hostile alien ship frequently disrupts these systems, requiring players to balance their efforts between repairing systems, defending against the alien threat, and achieving their objective. Each crew member possesses unique abilities and skills, emphasizing the need for teamwork and synergy among roles. Players must work together effectively, as individual attempts to be heroic could result in the failure of the mission. The game blends action points, area movement, cooperative play, hand management, and variable player powers to create an immersive and strategic experience.