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The A-Team is a roll/spin and move board game created by Clipper and Parker Brothers in 1984.

How to Play[]

The top secret formula for a famous soft drink has been stolen by a crafty madman and his evil band, and they are holding it for ransom at the island fortress that they operate.

The internationally-renowned company that owns the formula has hired The A-Team to go into the fortress and get the formula before the public and Wall Street find out about it.

The madman knows that The A-Team is on to him so he has set up a deadly game which they must play once inside the fortress.

Dressed in outfits to look like fortress guards, the members of the A-Team have to work alone to find the formula, but Hannibal is crafty, too. He has sent B.A. in ahead of the others to infiltrate. B.A. knows "where it's at" and so he'll be there to help you in your mission.