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All you need to play Take 2 are letter tiles!

Take 2! is a word game that involves strategy similar to that of Scrabble and Jumble.   2 or more players can play this game, and the only pieces needed are scrabble tiles. The winner is the person who can complete usage of all of his or her tiles first.  This game was imagined by Leena Somani as mentioned at The Word Finder.

Game Play[]

All letter tiles from Scrabble (or a similar game such as Word With Friends the board game), are placed face down in the middle of all players.  Each player starts with 7 tiles as soon as the game begins. Then each player is required to attempt to use all their letters in scrabble board game style.  Effective each player creates their own "Scrabble board" with their own tiles. As soon as 1 players completes this, he or she calls out “take 2!” at which point every player takes an additional 2 tiles.  This process is repeated until all the tiles are used. Players may rearrange their boards to form new words along the way.  The first player to use all their tiles successfully wins.  During any round, if no player can use all their letters and there are still letters in the middle, players can all agree to take 2. 


Familiarize yourself with 2 letter words and other word lists. Unlike Scrabble, the focus isn't as much on high scoring words as it is on speed.   Use an anagram solver the first few times you play to get accustomed to various possibilities.

Structure your board to be able to add words.  Longer words will be easier to branch off.

Use tougher letters early so you can focus on speed later in the game.