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Splendor is a strategy board/card game featuring cards, gem tokens, and up to 4 players. The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach 15 prestige points.


Splendor is a resource management game in which two or more players compete to collect the most prestige points. The game uses 40 gems chips (white, blue, green, black, and red), 90 development cards, and 10 noble tiles. On your turn, you may collect gems, buy a card, or reserve a card.


In Splendor, the game components include 40 tokens in different gem colors, 90 development cards divided into three levels (40 Level 1 cards, 30 Level 2 cards, and 20 Level 3 cards), and 10 noble tiles. The tokens consist of Emerald (green), Sapphire (blue), Ruby (red), Diamond (white), Onyx (black), and Gold (yellow) tokens.


To set up the game, shuffle each development card deck separately and place them in a column in ascending order (O;OO;OOO). Reveal four cards from each level. Shuffle the noble tiles and reveal as many as there are players plus one. Remove any remaining tiles. Place the tokens in six distinct piles, sorted by color, within reach of the players. Adjustments are made for 2 or 3 players by removing specific tokens and revealing a different number of noble tiles.


In Splendor, players assume the roles of rich Renaissance merchants. They collect gem and gold tokens to acquire development cards, which grant prestige points and bonuses. These bonuses reduce the cost of future card purchases. When a player accumulates enough bonuses, they receive a visit from a noble, earning additional prestige points. The game ends when a player reaches 15 prestige points, and the player with the most prestige points wins.


The game follows a turn-based format, with players taking one of four actions on their turn: taking three gem tokens of different colors, taking two gem tokens of the same color (if there are at least four tokens available), reserving one development card and taking one gold token, or purchasing one face-up development card from the middle of the table or a previously reserved one. Players must manage their token count, returning excess tokens to maintain a maximum of ten.


Bonuses in Splendor are acquired through development cards and provide discounts on future card purchases. Each bonus of a specific color is equivalent to a token of that color. Players with enough bonuses can even purchase cards without spending additional tokens.

End of the Game[]

The game concludes when a player reaches 15 prestige points. Players complete the current round to ensure an equal number of turns for each player. The player with the highest total prestige points at the end of the game is declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the player who purchased the fewest development cards wins.


Overall strategy in Splendor involves:

  • Selecting the right gems at the right time as to give you an advantage
  • Purchasing the right cards as to give you an advantage
  • Reserving cards at the right moment to help yourself and or block an opponent
  • Identifying opponent's actions that might give clues to what they are planning

5-Player Variant[]

For the 5-player variant of splendor, the only changes are that a player may have up to 8 gem tokens in their hand instead of 10, and 6 nobles are placed out on the table to be equal to the number of players +1.

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