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This is a list of Cards in Sorry!:

  • 1 — Move a pawn onto the outer starting circle, or move a pawn one space forward.
  • 2 — Move a pawn onto the outer starting circle, or move a pawn two spaces forward. Draw again, even if you could not move a pawn.
  • 3 — Move a pawn forward three spaces.
  • 4 — Move a pawn backward four spaces.
  • 5 — Move a pawn forward five spaces.
  • 7 — Move a pawn forward seven spaces, or split the movement between two pawns. 7s can’t be used to start a pawn. If a 7 is used to move one pawn home, the remainder of the movement total must be used exactly by another pawn or it is not a legal move.
  • 8 — Move a pawn forward eight spaces.
  • 10 — Move a pawn forward 10 spaces, or move a pawn backward one space.
  • 11 — Move a pawn forward 11 spaces, or switch the position of any one of your pawns with any one of your opponents pawns. Note, you do not have to switch positions if there is no other legal play. This is the exception to the aforementioned rule. Also, you cannot switch with pawns in the “START”, “HOME”, or “SAFETY ZONE” areas. Remember to slide and bump if your switch lands you on the starting triangle of a Safety Zone.
  • 12 — Move a pawn forward 12 spaces.
  • Sorry!— Take one pawn from your “START” position and move it to any legal space occupied by an opponent (no “HOME”, “START”, or “SAFETY ZONE” spaces), and bump the opponent back to their “START” space. If you have no pawns in the “START” space, or there are no legal pawns to bump, end your turn.