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Qwirkle is a strategy board game where players build the board by placing tiles on their turn. The objective of the game is to have the most points by the time that there are no playable tiles remaining.


See Qwirkle/Gameplay for in-depth information about gameplay in Qwirkle.

The game begins with all the tiles being placed face down on a table and mixed thoroughly. Each player then randomly draws 6 tiles. During their turn, a player may either:

  • Place one or several tiles on the table
  • Give up their turn to exchange one or more tiles in their hand for other random tiles

In general, any tiles that are placed in a row must share one attribute (either color or shape), and they must be played in 1 line, although they do not need to touch.

Players must always end their turn with 6 tiles in their hand, so if they place tiles during their turn, they draw random tiles to build their hand back up to 6.

Play continues until there are no more tiles to be drawn, and one person uses all of his available tiles.


Players score 1 point for each tile placed within a line, including existing tiles within the line. The idea is to form lines that have each shape of a certain color, or each color of a certain shape. For example: if there are 3 stars placed down on the grid (1 green, 1 blue, and 1 purple), then the player can put down another star that is red, orange or yellow. If a line is completed (this is called a "qwirkle"), then an additional 6 points is added to the player's score.

At the end of the game, once there are no more tiles to be drawn to replenish one's hand, the first person to play all of their tiles gains an extra 6 point bonus, at which point the game ends, and the player who has the highest score wins.


Overall strategy in Qwirkle involves:

  • Placing one's tiles as to score maximum points.
  • Placing one's tiles as to make better moves available later.
  • Placing one's tiles as to block one's opponents.
  • Predicting when opponents might try to block you.