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This is a list of roles in Puerto Rico:

Role Description Action Privilege
Settler (Puerto Rico)
The Settler Each player takes and places a plantation tile. The settler may take and place a quarry, instead at the end of the settler phase: new plantation tiles are drawn.
The player who chooses this role can place a new plantation tile on an empty island space. Other players, in clockwise order, can also place plantation tiles.
Mayor (Puerto Rico)
The Mayor Each player takes and places colonists. The mayor may take one additional colonist.
Players place colonists on their tiles and take colonists from the colonist ship in this role.
Builder (Puerto Rico)
The Builder Each player may build a building. The builder pays one less doubloon.
This role allows the player to build a building for a reduced cost, and other players can also build one building each.
Craftsman (Puerto Rico)
The Craftsman All players take goods from the supply. The craftsman takes an additional good.
Players in this role produce goods according to their production abilities and take one additional good as a privilege.
Trader (Puerto Rico)
The Trader Each player may, at most, sell 1 good to the trading house. The trader earns 1 extra doubloon when he sells.
The player selecting this role can sell one good to the trading house and earn a privilege doubloon. Other players can also sell goods if there is room in the trading house.
Captain (Puerto Rico)
The Captain The players must load goods on the cargo ships. The captain earns 1 extra victory point
The captain loads goods onto cargo ships, and other players follow suit in clockwise order. Points are earned for loading goods onto ships.
Prospector (Puerto Rico)
The Prospector N/A The prospector takes 1 doubloon from the bank.
This role grants the player 1 doubloon as a privilege.