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Planta Nubo

Planta Nubo is a board game where players create gardens in the sky to harvest oxygen in a Solar Punk world. Designed by Michael Keller, Andreas "ode." Odendahl, and Uwe Rosenberg, and featuring art by Lukas Siegmon, the game is published by The Game Builders. It accommodates 1 to 4 players, with a playing time of 30 to 120 minutes, suitable for ages 12 and above.


In a world ravaged by disaster, humanity's savior emerges from an unexpected source: the trees. Planta Nubo challenges players to grow energy-rich flowers and plants in gardens among the treetops, known as the Arbors. Deliver these resources to airships for conversion into green energy. Replant woods on harvested soil and use your garden bot and platform bot to aid in the growth of flowers and the production of desperately needed oxygen. The player who produces the most oxygen by the end of the game emerges as the victor in this game of eco-friendly survival.