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This is a list of items in Operation:

Main versions[]


Item Description
Adam's Apple An apple (fruit) in the throat ($100). "Adam's apple" is a colloquial term referring to the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx that becomes more visually prominent during a male's puberty.
Broken Heart A heart with a split through it on the right part of the chest ($100). The phrase "broken heart" refers to an emotional feeling in which someone is very unhappy for a reason such as a breakup with a romantic partner.
Wrenched Ankle A wrench in the right ankle ($100). "Wrenched ankle" is an alternative term for a sprained ankle.
Butterflies in Stomach A large butterfly in the middle of the stomach ($100). The name comes from the feeling in the stomach when nervous, stirred or afraid.
Spare Ribs Two ribs blend together as one piece ($150). "Spare Ribs" are a cut of meat or a dish prepared from that cut.
Water on the Knee A pail of water in the knee ($150). Colloquialism for fluid accumulation around the knee joint.
Funny Bone A cartoonish bone ($200). A reference to the colloquial name of the ulnar nerve which is itself meant to be a play on the anatomical name for the upper arm bone (thehumerus).
Charley Horse A pint-sized horse resting near the hip joint ($200). A "charley horse" is a sudden spasm in the leg or foot that can be cured by massage or stretching.
Writer's Cramp A pencil in the forearm ($200). A "writer's cramp", which is a sore in the wrist that can be cured by resting it.
The Ankle Bone Connected to the Knee Bone A rubberband that must be stretched between two pegs at the left ankle and knee. This is the only non-plastic piece in the game and the only card that requires the player to insert instead of remove something ($200). The name is taken from the black spiritual "Dem Bones".
Wish Bone A wishbone similar to that of a chicken located on the left part of the chest ($300). A "wish bone" is a colloquial name for the Furcula which is a bone found in birds and some other animals. Typically, the Furcula of a chicken might be used by two players for granting competing wishes.
Bread Basket A slice of bread, with a small notch that took out of the top for grip ($1,000). The word "breadbasket" is slang for the stomach.
Brain Freeze An ice cream cone located in the brain ($600). Refers to the experience of "brain freeze", a headache felt after eating frozen desserts and slushies too quickly.

Operation Brain Surgery[]

  • Egghead - A yellow head shaped like an egg. The term "egghead" refers to an intellectual or highly studious person.
  • Chatterbox - A pink pair of teeth. A chatterbox is someone who talks a lot.
  • Train of Thought - A blue train. "Train of thought" refers to the process of someone reaching a conclusion.
  • Pigheaded - A pink pig head. "Pigheaded" refers to someone who is extremely stubborn and refuses to change their mind when it's their best interest.
  • Great Idea - A yellow light bulb. A great idea is a solution to a problem that is most likely to solve it, usually said by someone when they approve their suggestion.
  • Ice Cream Headache - An orange ice cream cone. An ice cream headache, or brain freeze, is a condition when someone gets a headache from eating too many frozen foods too fast.
  • Bird Brain - A blue bird. A "bird brain" refers to someone who is stupid, foolish, or scatterbrained.
  • Cat Got Your Tongue - An orange cat head. "Cat got your tongue?" is a phrase said to someone who is at a loss for words or is excessively quiet.

2008 "Silly Skill Game" version[]

  • Bird Brained - A bird located to the left of Sam's head. Reissued from the Brain Surgery game.
  • Runny Nose - A booger to the right of Sam's head. A runny nose is a genetic condition when someone's nose builds up with mucus.
  • Ringing in the Ear - A handbell near the right of Sam's head.
  • Frog in the Throat - A frog located in the throat area (same position as the Adam's Apple). A "frog in the throat" refers to a condition in which someone has lost their voice.
  • The Giggles - A smiley face, located in the right upper arm. "The giggles" refers to someone who is laughing nonstop.
  • Burp Bubbles - A cloud of bubbles in the middle of Sam's tummy. Burp bubbles are buildup in one's body that get released while burping.
  • Bad Plumbing - A toilet in Sam's lower tummy. Bad plumbing is when someone is doing a plumbing job poorly.
  • Time on His Hands - A wall clock in Sam's left hand. Having "time on (one's) hands" refers to someone having nothing to do at the moment.
  • Phone Finger - A cell phone on Sam's left thumb. "Phone finger" is a condition in the fingers and thumbs becoming numb from using a phone for prolonged periods.
  • Toxic Gas - A gas cloud located behind Sam. Toxic gas is a hazardous material with dangerous and sometimes near-fatal effects when inhaled.
  • Pulled Muscle - A rubber band in the left leg. A pulled muscle is when a muscle gets stretched too much and tears, straining it.
  • Water on the Knee - A pale of water in the knee. Reused from the original game.
  • Dog Tired - A dog in the right foot. "Dog tired" refers to someone who is excessively tired or worn out.

Operation Rescue Kit[]

2013 "Easy Grab" version[]

Themed releases[]

Shrek edition (2004)[]

  • Ear Wax
  • Pain in the Butt
  • Onion Breath
  • Frog in the Throat
  • Heart Burn
  • Chest Cold
  • Pixie Bites
  • Slugs and Grubs
  • Green Thumb
  • Humongous Fungus
  • Mud Flaps
  • Toe Jam

The Simpsons edition (2005)[]

  • Pea Brain - A pea pod next to Homer's head. "Pea brain" refers to a stupid or idiotic person.
  • Ear Wig - A wig located near Homer's left ear. Earwigs refer to the type of vermin of the same name.
  • Rubber Neck - A tire in Homer's neck. "Rubbernecking" refers to a person who stares at accidents for extended periods.
  • Chip on Shoulder - A potato chip located near Homer's right shoulder. The term "chip on (one's) shoulder" means to have an angry or unpleasant attitude toward some topic and being blinded to the truth of matter.
  • Heart of Gold - A golden heart, located where Homer's heart should be. "Heart of gold" refers to someone who is kind and good-natured.
  • Elbow Macaroni - A piece of elbow macaroni in Homer's right elbow. Refers to the pasta of the same name, where the noodles resemble elbow joints in a plumbing system.
  • Mmm...Short Ribs - A rib snack in Homer's right chest. Short ribs are a type of meat meal.
  • Pot Belly - A soup pot to the right of Homer's tummy. A "pot belly" refers to an excessively bloated stomach that swells out due to excessive body fat.
  • Bowler's Thumb - A bowling pin on Homer's left thumb. "Bowler's thumb" refers to a condition in which the thumb is irritated and locked, usually from using a bowling ball too much.
  • Trick Knee - A rabbit coming out of a top hat, in Homer's left knee. "Trick knee" refers to a dislocated knee joint which causes extreme pain.
  • Twisted Ankle - A pretzel in Homer's left ankle. A twisted ankle is when the ankle gets sprained or dislocated somewhat.
  • Hammer Toe - A hammer in Homer's right foot. "Hammer toe" refers to an injury when a toe's middle joint gets rolled, usually from wearing uncomfortable shoes for too long.

SpongeBob SquarePants edition (2007)[]

  • Evil Thoughts
  • Spark of Intelligence
  • Barnacle Brain
  • Thinking Cap
  • Head Case
  • Wrench in the Plan
  • Patty Pleasure Center
  • Heart Burn
  • Elbow Grease
  • Clammy Hands
  • Truth Serum
  • Shoe Horn

Toy Story 3 edition (2010)[]

  • Battered Blaster
  • Busted Ball Joint
  • Crystallic Confusion
  • Fried Fuse
  • High Pressure Ring Warp
  • Crushed Communicator
  • Toasted Turbo Blasters
  • Radar Rash
  • Galactic Acid
  • Gouged Gauge
  • Asteroids
  • Shattered Shield Generator

Cars 2 edition (2011)[]

  • Missile Toe
  • Broken Belt
  • Rattlin' Gatling
  • Bed Bugs
  • Tow Jam
  • Oh Chute
  • Bad Gas
  • Da Bomb
  • Busted Grill
  • Leaky Oil
  • Spare Tire

Family Guy edition[]

  • Chowder Head
  • 3D Burger Stroke
  • Bionic Eye
  • Giant Chicken Pox
  • Plunger Pecs
  • Bulging Rippllness
  • Liposuction
  • Blinded by Nickles
  • Clammy Hands
  • Gas Factory
  • Wish-I-Had-No-Bones
  • Scabby Knees