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NinjitZoo is an action packed card game in which you assist a bunch of martial art animals - the Ninjanimals - escape their caged confines within an obstacle rigged zoo.

Three characters are randomly dealt out to each player at the start of the game. The first person to assist all their ninjanimals in escaping - wins! This is accomplished by using the escape routes, which are drawn from the deck each turn. However, the deck also contains obstacles that can block your ninjanimal from freedom.

But you'll have lots of help along the way. Don the Mysterious Mo to slip past a patrol of guards, or grab a Thickslick Rope to rendezvous on the roof. That Hovering Heli giving you trouble? Throw down a Smoke Bomb and Back Flip out of there!

And watch out for the robots, time portals, piranha infested moats, and all the lasers.