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Mystery of the Abbey

Mystery of the Abbey is a deduction board game reminiscent of Clue. Set in a medieval French Abbey, the game revolves around solving a murder mystery. Players take on the roles of monks from different orders, each characterized by traits like fat-thin, bald-hatted, or bearded-clean shaven. One monk's identity is concealed, and players move around the Abbey, asking questions to uncover clues and identify the culprit.

During their turns, players move through the Abbey, asking questions to other monks about their traits. The game includes elements of deduction, as players must decide whether to answer questions truthfully or take a "vow of silence." Every four turns, a Mass event occurs, and players exchange cards. Some rooms in the Abbey have special events or card effects.

Unlike Clue, simply making a correct accusation doesn't guarantee victory. Players earn points for correct accusations and declarations of single traits but lose points for incorrect statements. The game incorporates unique Event cards to introduce randomness, and house rules can be applied to tailor the experience.

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