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Mouse Trap is a three-dimensional board game by Hasbro Gaming.

How to play[]

Set Up[]

1. Build the trap as instructed by the manual.
2. Give each player one wedge of cheese.
3. Place two wedges of cheese on the Start space. These are free to whoever is the first to make a full turn around the board.
4. Have each player select a mouse and place it on Start.
5. Place all remaining cheese in a separate pile.


Collect six wedges of cheese.

Who goes first[]

Decide, in any way you like, who will go first. Play then proceeds clockwise (to the left).


On your turn, roll the die and move your mouse that many spaces. Then, perform a specific action depending on what space you landed on.

  • Purple Space: Nothing.
  • Yellow Cheese Space: Collect one wedge of cheese from the cheese pile.
  • Green Steal Space: Steal one wedge of cheese from the player of your choice.
  • Red Lose Cheese Space: Return one wedge of cheese to the cheese pile.
  • Blue Trap Space: Send anyone to the Cheesy Danger Zone, pull back on the stop sign in the trap, and release! If the trap works and whoever you sent to the Cheesy Danger Zone is trapped, they owe you one wedge of cheese. If the trap fails, they don't. You may send a mouse to the Cheesy Danger Zone even if other mice are there, and if they all get caught, they all owe you one wedge of cheese.
  • Mouse Hole: You may, if you wish, move to the other end of the Mouse Hole.


The first player to get six wedges of cheese and complete a cheese wheel wins!

How the Trap Works[]

MouseTrap Diagram

The player pulls back on the stop sign (A) and then releases, making the boot (B) kick the bucket (C) with the metal marble (D) in it, sending the marble down the rickety staircase (E), and through the chute/raingutter (F), till it lands in the second bucket (G). This causes the broom (H) to tilt and raise the marble to the short ramp (I) and into the bathtub (J), when it lands into the hole in the tub and onto the teeterboard (K). The extra weight catapults the diver (L) into the washtub (M), causing the cage (N) to drop from the cage pole (O) and trap the mouse.