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In Knarr, Vikings are an essential component. Players recruit Vikings to gain various benefits and increase their chances of earning victory points. Here are the key aspects of Vikings in the game:

  • Crew Zone: Each player has a crew zone in front of them where they place their recruited Vikings. Vikings are placed in columns based on their card color, with the top of the cards visible.
  • Recruiting: During their turn, players can choose to recruit a Viking by placing a Viking card from their hand into their crew zone. When recruiting, players gain the assets shown on the Viking card and any assets from the cards in the same column.
  • Assets: Vikings provide different types of assets. These include victory points, which advance a player's score on the score track, repetition points, which advance a player's reputation on the reputation track, and recruits, represented by silver bracelet tokens that are added to the player's ship.
  • Adding New Cards: After recruiting a Viking, players can take a new Viking card from the board that matches the color of the Viking they placed. They can also spend a recruit token to choose a Viking card of their choice from the five visible cards instead of the matching one.
  • Viking Deck: If the Viking deck becomes empty during the game, the discard pile is shuffled to form a new deck. If both the deck and discard pile are empty, players with the most Vikings in front of them must discard one of their choice.