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In Imperial Struggle, wars are structured as follows:


  • Each War consists of multiple Theaters.
  • At the beginning of each War, both players start with one Basic War tile in each Theater.
  • It's important to set up the next War as soon as the previous one is concluded.

War Resolution[]

  • When a War is resolved, each player calculates their total strength in each Theater.
    • This total includes the strength numbers on the player's War tiles (both the Basic one they started with and any extra ones acquired) and any bonuses received from Alliance spaces and other board assets.
  • The resolution is carried out one Theater at a time.
  • For each Theater, the total strength of each player is summed up, and the player with more strength receives the rewards indicated in that Theater's Spoils of War table.
  • This process is repeated for each Theater within the War.
  • Once all Theaters are resolved, the War concludes.

This structure ensures that War outcomes are determined through the comparison of strength in each Theater and the subsequent allocation of rewards.