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In Imperial Struggle, the game sequence in Imperial Struggle is divided into Peace Turns and Wars, with specific phases for each. Here is an overview of the structure for both Peace Turns and Wars:

Peace Turn Structure[]

Imperial Struggle consists of six Peace Turns, each representing a period of between five and seventeen years. The sequence of a Peace Turn includes the following phases:

  1. Deck Phase (Turns 3 and 5 only)
  2. Debt Limit Increase Phase (Turns 3 and 5 only)
  3. Award Phase
  4. Global Demand Phase
  5. Reset Phase
  6. Deal Cards Phase (Investment tiles revealed and Event cards distributed to each player)
  7. Ministry Phase
  8. Initiative Phase (skipped on Turn 1)
  9. Action Phase
  10. Reduce Treaty Points Phase
  11. Resolve Remaining Powers
  12. Scoring Phase
  13. Victory Check Phase
  14. Final Scoring (Turn 6 only)

War Structure[]

Wars are interspersed between Peace Turns and have a different structure, as follows:

  1. War Resolution Phase
  2. Victory Check Phase
  3. Reset Phase
  4. War Layout Phase (skipped after the American War of Independence)