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In Imperial Struggle, during the Action Phase of each Peace Turn, players have four Action Rounds. In each Action Round, you follow these steps:

  1. Select an Investment tile.
  2. Optionally play an Event card if the selected Investment tile has an Event symbol.
  3. Spend the Action Points shown on the chosen Investment tile. These Action Points come in three types: Economic, Diplomatic, and Military, each allowing you to perform different actions.
  4. You can increase your Action Point allotment by incurring Debt or spending Treaty Points if needed.

In each Action Round, a player must either choose an Investment tile or Pass. If an Investment tile has an Event symbol, you have the option to play an Event card. After resolving the Event card, you can spend the Action Points provided by the Investment tile, supplementing them with Treaty Points or Debt if desired. Successful coordination of Event cards, Ministry card bonuses, Advantages, and Investment tiles is essential for gaining an advantage in the game Imperial Struggle.