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This is a list of Roles in Hive:

Queen Bee[]

The queen bee can move only one space per turn. Although the queen is restricted in this way, if moved at the right time, it can cause major problems for your opponent's plans.


The beetle, like the queen, can move only one space but can also move on top of any of the other pieces. The piece that the beetle remains on is unable to move and takes on the color of the beetle piece, which is an advantage when placing. The beetle also has the advantage of dropping into spaces that are blocked. To block a beetle that is on another piece, you must place another beetle on top of it. All four beetles can be stacked. The beetle is placed in the same way as all the other pieces and cannot be placed directly on top of another piece. (See placing rules)


The grasshopper does not move in the conventional way but jumps from its space to the next unoccupied space along a straight row of joined pieces.


The spider moves three spaces per turn around the hive, no more and no less. It can move only in a direct path and cannot backtrack on itself. It must be in contact with the hive on all three positions of its movement.

Soldier Ant[]

The soldier ant can move from one position to any other position around the hive but cannot jump into a space like the hopper. This freedom of movement makes this one of the most valuable pieces.

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