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Working class

The Working class is one of the four classes present in the game Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.


The Working class consists of laborers who exchange their work for monetary compensation, which they use to fulfill their fundamental requirements, including food, healthcare, education, and, when feasible, leisure activities. The primary aim of this player is to adequately address these needs and enhance the well-being of their Workers.

Player board[]

  • Population Track: Utilize the upper track to keep a record of the number of Working-class Workers within the game. This figure corresponds to the player's Population, located directly beneath it. Population holds significant importance for the Working-class player as it determines the quantity of resources required for specific actions and sets their purchasing limit.
  • Prosperity: The Prosperity track represents the well-being of the Working-class. Prosperity increases when the Working-class provides Health, Education, or Luxury to its populace. A higher Prosperity score results in more Victory Points (VP) for the player. It is essential to note that, although similar in function, the Middle-class's Prosperity track differs from that of the Working-class.
  • Trade Unions: The Working-class can establish Trade Unions within Industries where a substantial number of its Workers are employed. Establishing a Trade Union grants the player Influence and additional VP.
  • Income: This is where the Working-class keeps its monetary funds.
  • Goods & Services: This is the repository for acquired resources such as Health, Education, Luxury, and Influence until they are employed.

Player setup[]

  1. Position the Working-class Player Board in front of you.
  2. Mark the Population track at the specified starting space (10 Workers).
  3. Place a Prosperity marker on the first space of the Prosperity track (0).
  4. Acquire 30 currency and 1 Influence, and place them in their respective spaces.
  5. Arrange the 3 red Bill markers near your board.
  6. Shuffle the Working-class Action cards and create a face-down pile beside your board. Draw 8 cards into your hand.
  7. Position the Working-class Player Aid beside your board.
  8. Set aside the 2 Cooperative Farm cards for now (they are used conditionally).
  9. Depending on the number of players, assign Working-class Workers to the available Company spaces. In a 2-Player game: Farm (one green and one gray meeple), Factory (one blue and one gray meeple), Public Sector Hospital (one white and one gray meeple), Public Sector University (one yellow and one gray meeple). In a 3-Player or 4-Player game: Farm (one green and one gray meeple), University (one yellow and one gray meeple), and Public Sector Hospital (one white and two gray meeples). Place all Workers in an upright position.
  10. Place a gray Unskilled Worker meeple in the Unemployed Workers area. Then, in a 2-player game, draw 1 Immigration card, and in a 3 or 4-player game, draw 2 Immigration cards. Add the corresponding Working-class Workers to the Unemployed Workers area and return the drawn cards to the bottom of the Immigration deck.

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