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The State is one of the four classes present in the game Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.


The State is primarily focused on bolstering its legitimacy by diligently maintaining the satisfaction and equilibrium of all social classes. Simultaneously, it addresses societal issues as they arise.

Player board[]

  • Legitimacy: These tracks indicate the Legitimacy of the classes in the eyes of the State. The State strives to increase Legitimacy as much as possible and aims for an even distribution. At the end of each round, the State earns VP based on the two lowest Legitimacy scores.
  • Influence Storage: This is where the State stores its Personal Influence, which cannot be purchased by other players and differs from Media Influence found on the Public Services area of the Main Board.
  • Food & Luxury Storage: Initially, the State does not possess any Companies producing Food or Luxury. However, this may change during the game. If it does, this is where these goods are stored and can be bought by other players at the listed price.

Player setup[]

  1. Display the State player board in front of you.
  2. Place a marker in the corresponding player color on the second space of each Legitimacy track.
  3. Obtain 1 Influence and place it in the appropriate space.
  4. Position the 3 gray Bill markers nearby.
  5. Shuffle the State Action cards and form a face-down pile next to your board. Draw 8 cards into your hand.
  6. Place the State Player Aid next to your board.
  7. Shuffle the Event cards and form a face-down pile near your board. Draw 2 cards and place them face-up on the corresponding spaces on the board.
  8. Shuffle the Political Agenda cards and create a face-down pile near your board. Draw the top card and place it face up next to your board for all players to see.
  9. Place the Health Welfare Tile in the Public Services section of the board, under the Health tokens. Ensure the face-up side corresponds to Policy 4.B. Position the Education Welfare Tile near your board.

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