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Middle class

The Middle class is one of the four classes present in the game Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.


The Middle class also employs Workers who engage in various corporate endeavors to generate income. Additionally, this class can operate smaller businesses. Balancing production, sales, and consumption is crucial for this player to meet the needs of their Workers and enhance their prosperity.

Player board[]

  • Population Track: Employ the upper track to keep track of the number of Middle-class Workers in the game. This figure corresponds to the player's Population, displayed directly below it. Population is crucial for the Middle-class player as it dictates the quantity of resources required for certain actions and sets the buying limit.
  • Prosperity: The Prosperity track reflects the well-being of the Middle-class. Prosperity increases when the Middle-class provides Health, Education, Luxury, and Savings to its populace. A higher Prosperity score results in more Victory Points (VP) for the player. It's important to note that the Prosperity track of the Middle-class differs from that of the Working-class, despite their similar functions.
  • Storage Areas: These areas are designated for storing the goods and services produced by the Middle-class's Companies. Each Storage has a capacity limit indicated at the bottom, along with the selling price for each resource.
  • Income: This is where the Middle-class keeps its monetary funds.
  • Goods & Services: This is the repository for purchased resources like Health, Education, Luxury, and Influence.

Player setup[]

  1. Display the Middle-class player board in front of you.
  2. Mark the Population track at the designated starting space (10 Workers).
  3. Place a Prosperity marker on the first space of the Prosperity track (0).
  4. Acquire 40 currency and 1 Influence, and place them in their respective spaces.
  5. Receive 1 Food, 1 Luxury, and 1 Health, and position them in the corresponding areas on your board. Indicate the selling price for each resource: Set Food's marker at 11 and the markers for the other three resources at 8.
  6. Arrange the 3 yellow Bill markers near your board.
  7. Shuffle the Middle-class Action cards and create a face-down pile next to your board. Draw 8 cards into your hand.
  8. Place the Middle-class Player Aid next to your board.
  9. Shuffle the Middle-class Companies and form a face-down pile near your board. Reveal the first 3 Companies and place them face up next to the Company pile; these will serve as your Market during the game.
  10. Assign Middle-class Workers to the available Company spaces based on the cards: Public Sector University (one yellow and two gray meeples), Factory (one blue and one gray meeple), Small Farm (one green meeple), and Clinic (one white meeple). All meeples should be positioned upright.
  11. Place a Middle-class Skilled Worker of your choice in the Unemployed Workers area (considering the Company cards in your Market), and then draw 2 Immigration cards. Add the depicted Middle-class Workers to the Unemployed Workers area and return the drawn cards to the bottom of the Immigration deck.

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