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Capitalist class

The Capitalist class is one of the four classes present in the game Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.


The Capitalist class oversees corporations. Workers are employed within these corporations to generate goods and services, which the Capitalist class subsequently sells for profit. The primary objective of this player is to maximize their profit.

Player board[]

  • Revenue: The Revenue is where the Capitalist-class stores all the incoming funds. Expenses are typically covered from Revenue unless stated otherwise.
  • Capital: Following the payment of Wages and taxes each round, any remaining money in Revenue is transferred to this area. The player earns VP based on the total amount present in Capital.
  • Wealth: This table signifies the VP awarded to the player at the end of the round, depending on the total money in the Capital area (after transferring money from Revenue). Additional VP are granted if the total amount exceeds the previous round's total.
  • Storage Areas: These spaces are designated for storing the goods and services produced by the Capitalist-class's Companies. Each Storage has a capacity limit indicated at the bottom. Underneath each Storage, you can find the selling price for each resource. It's important to note that Influence cannot be sold, and there is no limit on how much can be stored.

Player setup[]

  1. Set up the Capitalist-class Player Board in front of you.
  2. Obtain 120 currency and place them in the Revenue area of your board.
  3. Position a marker next to the Wealth table.
  4. Receive 1 Food, 2 Luxury, 2 Education, and 1 Influence, and place them in their corresponding spaces on your board. Indicate the selling price for each resource: Set Food's marker at 11 and the markers for the other three resources at 8.
  5. Retrieve the Free Trade Zone and place it beside your board.
  6. Arrange the 3 blue Bill markers near your board.
  7. Shuffle the Capitalist-class Action cards and create a face-down pile next to your board. Draw 8 cards into your hand.
  8. Position the Capitalist-class Player Aid next to your board.
  9. Shuffle the Capitalist-class Companies and create a face-down pile near your board. Reveal the first 4 Companies and place them face up next to the Company pile; these will serve as your Market during the game.

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