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This is a list of tiles in Great Western Trail: New Zealand:

Fee Tiles[]

Fee Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 4 fee tiles. They are double sided.

Player Count Tiles[]

Player Count Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 5 player count tiles. They are double sided.

Worker Tiles[]

Worker Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 28 worker tiles, 4 of which are unique. There are 7 shepherd tiles, 7 craftsman tiles, 7 tailor tiles, and 7 shearer tiles.

Hazard Tiles[]

Hazard Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 16 hazard tiles. 9 of them are rockfall tiles, while 7 of them are flood tiles.

Harbourmaster Tiles[]

Harbourmaster Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 8 harbourmaster tiles.

Neutral Building Tiles[]

Neutral Building Tiles (GWTNZ)

There are 8 neutral building tiles.

Private Building Tiles[]

Private Building Tiles A (GWTNZ)
Private Building Tiles B (GWTNZ)

There are 40 private building tiles. 10 tiles belong to each player, and these tiles are double sided.