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This is a list of pirate cards in the adventure card game Friday:

Name Description
Additional Fighting Cards Cost 2 Life Points When fighting against this pirate, each additional fighting card drawn costs 2 life points instead of the usual 1 life point per card. If the player has only 1 life point remaining and still needs to draw cards, that life point is returned to the reserve, resulting in a game loss.
Only Half of Fighting Cards Count With this card, only half of the drawn fighting cards contribute to the fighting points. All drawn aging cards must be used, as they occupy one of the limited slots. If an odd number of cards is involved, the player can round up in their favor.
Each Drawn Fighting Card Counts +1 Fighting Point At the conclusion of the fight, 1 additional fighting point is added for each drawn fighting card, including starting cards, aging cards, knowledge cards, and cards turned via special actions, to the total fighting points.
Fight Against All Remaining Hazard Cards The hazard value of this pirate is determined by adding up all the red hazard points from the remaining undefeated hazard cards (in the "red Step") found in the hazard discard pile. The sum of values in the white boxes dictates the number of free fighting cards that can be drawn for this fight. At the game's conclusion, all these hazard cards still contribute -3 points when calculating the score.
+2 Hazard Points for Each Aging Card in Robinson Stack Before confronting this pirate, the player counts the number of aging cards required to be added to the Robinson stack during the game. Each of these cards adds +2 hazard points to the hazard value of this pirate. The remaining aging cards on the aging storage board can also be tallied.