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This is a list of aging cards in the adventure card game Friday:

Name Description
-1 Life At the end of the fight, the player must transfer 1 additional life point to the reserve, even if they win the fight. This life point cannot be used to destroy any of the drawn fighting cards.
-2 Life After the fight concludes, the player must contribute 2 additional life points to the reserve, regardless of the fight's outcome. These life points cannot be utilized to eliminate any of the drawn fighting cards.
Highest Card = 0 During the determination of the fight's outcome, the highest unchanged positive fighting value among the player's drawn fighting cards is considered as 0 fighting points. If multiple cards have equally high fighting values, only one of them is affected.
Stop This card halts the drawing of free cards. If placed on the left side of the hazard card, it immediately terminates the drawing of free cards, even if the allowed number of free cards has not been reached. When positioned as one of the additional cards on the right side of the hazard card, it contributes only 0 fighting points. Removing or destroying this card during the fight may allow the player to continue drawing free cards as long as they still qualify.