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Here is the cheat sheet of Freelancers: A Crossroads Game:

  • Treasure: Equipment that is equipped onto your character, with the number of slots available determined by your character sheets.
  • Corruption: When making your next skill check, refrain from using your bonus die, then remove one instance of corruption.
  • Luck: After rolling for a skill check, discard this to reroll one of your dice.
  • Stress: Place this in one of your character's HP slots to enable another player to reroll one of their dice after their skill check.
  • Wound: Occupies one of your character's HP slots. If all slots are filled, it goes into the time bag. Using up all wound tokens results in your party's loss.
  • Lawful Title: A lawful reputation signifies your character as logical or helpful, often adhering to a specific code.
  • Chaotic Title: A chaotic reputation characterizes your character as unpredictable or self-centered, driven by personal whims.
  • Draw Again: Retrieve another token from the bag.
  • Discard When Drawn: Do not return this token to the bag.
  • Weapon Augment: May be permanently affixed to your weapon to enhance its performance.
  • Weapon Traits: When specified, these provide a bonus to weapon checks.