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These are some key rules and mechanics of Fluxx:

Changing Rules[]

Fluxx is characterized by constantly changing rules. Rule cards dictate how many cards players draw and play during their turn. These rules can be modified or replaced by other cards, creating a fluid and unpredictable game experience.

Action Cards[]

Action cards allow players to perform specific actions, such as drawing extra cards, stealing Keepers, or disrupting opponents' plans. Action cards can significantly impact the game's flow and strategy.

Keepers and Goals[]

Keepers are cards that players aim to have in play to meet the requirements of Goal cards. Goal cards specify which Keepers are needed to win the game. Players often compete to achieve these Goals, and the objectives can change as new Goal cards are played.

Hand Limits[]

Some cards may impose Hand Limits, forcing players to discard down to a certain number of cards at the end of their turn. Failure to do so may lead to unwanted consequences.

Discard and Draw Piles[]

Players draw cards from the Draw pile and place played or discarded cards in the Discard pile. When the Draw pile is empty, the Discard pile is shuffled to create a new Draw pile.

Free Actions[]

Some cards grant players bonus actions called Free Actions, which can be taken at any time during their turn and do not count as regular plays.

Joining and Leaving the Game[]

New players can join at any time by being dealt a hand of three cards. Players can also exit the game at any time by discarding their hand and all cards in play.


If the Draw pile runs out, the Discard pile is shuffled to form a new Draw pile, ensuring the game continues.

Card "In Play"[]

When referring to a card "in play," it means a card that is face up on the table but not in the discard pile. Keepers must be in play for players to meet Goal requirements.


Fluxx allows for customization with expansion packs and Blanxx cards, which enable players to add new cards and ideas to the game.


Players aim to meet the current Goal card's requirements to win the game. The ever-changing rules and objectives make Fluxx an unpredictable and engaging card game.