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This is a list of companions in Flamecraft:

Image Name Companion
Brad (Flamecraft)
Brad When you initially reserve an Enchantment, promptly reveal a replacement Enchantment card.
Daniel (Flamecraft)
Daniel You have the option to activate only specific Dragons at the Park, similar to how you do when Enchanting.
Erick (Flamecraft)
Erick If the Shop ability comes with a cost, you must pay that cost each time you use the ability.
Manny (Flamecraft)
Manny You can selectively activate Dragons at the Shop where you introduce a new Dragon, just as you do during Enchantment. If you place the new Dragon at the same Shop where your initial Dragon is located, you can re-activate your initial Dragon to introduce a second new Dragon. If this ability lets you introduce a second new Dragon, you cannot repeat this action at the Shop where you place it.
Peter (Flamecraft)
Peter You can only trigger this ability when a new Shop card is revealed at the conclusion of your turn, not when it is initially drawn.
Rich (Flamecraft)
Rich You receive 2 different Goods for each Coin, which can vary from each other.
Sandara (Flamecraft)
Sandara When selecting a Fancy Dragon at the beginning of the game, draw 5 options to choose from instead of 2. Place all unchosen Dragons at the bottom of the deck. You can use this ability to re-evaluate a Fancy Dragon you've already scored. You can only utilize this ability to score a Fancy Dragon during the game, not during end-game scoring.