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This is a list of artisan dragons in Flamecraft:

Artisan Dragon Ability Clarifications
Rusty Gain 2 of the Same Good.
  • Acquire two units of a single type of Good either from this Shop or an Artisan Dragon.
  • The two Goods you select must be identical. You can choose this option to obtain two of the same Good from this Dragon. If the Shop has a , you can select two of any one type of Good. This ability cannot be used to acquire Coins or draw Dragons.
  • If an ability allows you to activate this ability in a location other than a Shop (e.g., the Park or your hand), you may obtain Goods from any Dragon in that location.
Hot Dog Place an Artisan Dragon in Town.
  • You can position your Artisan Dragon on any vacant slot in Town that matches the icon (this includes the Shop you are visiting).
  • You will receive the specified reward shown on the slot where you place your Artisan Dragon.
Honey Draw 1 Artisan Dragon.
  • You have the option to select any face-up Dragon from the Park or draw the top card from the Artisan deck.
Jewelheart Gain any 3 Different Goods.
  • You can pick any combination of three distinct Goods of your choice.
Elderberry Swap this with Another Artisan Dragon in Town and Activate the New Dragon.
  • Disregard the icons on the Shop slots involved in the swap.
  • This action does not count as placing a Dragon and does not yield the rewards from either slot.
Lotus Gift a Good to Another Player to Acquire 2.
  • Give any one Good from your personal supply to a player of your choosing, and then obtain 2.