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Federation is a game where players compete to become part of a fictional federation of planets. Players must prove their worth to the federation by developing strategies, deploying tactics, taking opportunities, and forming alliances over 5 years. The game is played over 5 rounds, with each round consisting of a player turn phase followed by an Executive Phase. In the player turn phase, players send spaceships on missions and in the Executive Phase, players receive income, fund major projects, and pass laws. The player with the most prestige points at the end of the 5 rounds wins the game and joins the federation. The individual board is made up of various actions such as federated actions, spy action, senate actions, and special senate actions, which give players prestige points.

Useful pages[]

  • Planets
  • Rooms of the Senate
  • Spy Action
  • Special Missions
  • Outer Module Action
  • Erudite Tiles
  • Deep Space Tiles