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Here is some information about the turn order in Etherfields:

Dreamers Phase[]

1. Draw Step

Draw 4 Influence cards, ensuring not to exceed the Hand Size limit, which is typically 6 cards. You cannot hold more cards than this limit.

  • If you reach your hand limit, you must stop drawing.
  • You must draw the required number of cards; you cannot choose to draw fewer.
  • Before drawing, you may discard any number of cards from your hand.
  • If your Influence deck runs out of cards at any time (not just during the draw step), reshuffle your Discard pile into a new deck and draw the remaining required cards, but you will suffer a penalty of either 1 OR sealing 3 cards.
2. Card and Action Step

Dreamers can take actions freely until all players run out of cards or choose to pass. These actions can include:

  • Dream actions, such as Map/Dream Gate tile actions or Entity tile interactions.
  • Move actions.
  • Basic actions.
  • Actions from Influence cards.
  • Actions from active Item cards.
  • Other activities, like placing Progress cards or gaining Shining Gems.

Dreamscape Phase[]

1. Entity and Dream Event Step

Resolve Entity and Dream effects based on the current Turn card.

2. Discard Turn Step

Discard the current Turn card.