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In Etherfields, Dreamers and Entities may encounter various States, and these State tokens have individual effects on the respective miniature or Entity they are placed on. Importantly, State tokens are exclusive to the targeted miniature or Entity and do not affect others.

If you are required to place a State token, but there are none available in the pool, the effect is disregarded. It's worth noting that tokens have different States on their opposite sides, which may limit the types of States that can be applied.

Here are the specific States and their effects:

Image Name Description
Dazed (Etherfields)
Dazed Reduces the maximum range of Entity effects and Dreamer Actions to 1 until the end of the Turn/Dreamers Phase
Stunned (Etherfields)
Stunned Nullifies any effects caused by the stunned target for the current Turn
Paralyzed (Etherfields)
Paralyzed Prevents the affected Entity/Dreamer from moving or relocating until the end of the Turn/Dreamers Phase
Poisoned (Etherfields)
Poisoned Stops the affected Entity from acquiring new Morphings until the end of the Dream/Slumber phase