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In Etherfields, morphings (applied during the Turn Order step on cards) provide a boost to the Entity, making it more formidable while the token resides on the Entity Tile. If you accumulate 1 or more Morphings Tokens, randomly draw and reveal them, placing them face-up on the Entity Tile. Utilizing a small cup or opaque bag is recommended for this purpose. To remove a Morphing, you can perform it as a basic action.

Each Morphing adds an extra effect to the Entity:

  • 1 additional effect for each Morphing that is inflicted.
  • 2 additional effects for each Morphing that seals your cards.

The Entity's movement is increased by 2, but even with this enhancement, it still moves only 1 space at a time. Any Entity effects with a specified range have their range expanded by 1 space.

All Masks worn by Dreamers are deactivated, and their effects take immediate effect, such as reductions in hand or progress card limits causing instant discards. Placed Progress cards also become inactive, although new ones can be added, they will remain dormant.

Dreamers are unable to reroll dice results in any manner and cannot use their [symbol] for rerolls. However, they can still pay for effects that have a cost.