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This is a list of roles in Deception: Murder in Hong Kong:

Image Name Player limit Description
Forensic Scientist (Deception)
Forensic Scientist 1 In the role of the game master, the Forensic Scientist possesses the solution to the crime. Their responsibility lies in aiding the Investigators in identifying the "Key Evidence" and "Means of Murder." When an Investigator successfully accomplishes this task, the crime is resolved, resulting in a victory for both the Forensic Scientist and the Investigators.

Throughout the game, the Forensic Scientist is strictly prohibited from providing hints about the solution through words, gestures, or eye movements.

Murderer (Deception)
Murderer 1 When the crime occurs, the Murderer selects 1 Clue card and 1 Means card as the crime's solution, designating them as the "Key Evidence" and "Means of Murder," respectively.

The Murderer endeavors to conceal their identity and seeks a scapegoat. Even if their identity is exposed, the Murderer still emerges victorious in the game unless someone accurately identifies both the "Key Evidence" and the "Means of Murder."

Investigator (Deception)
Investigator 8 To unravel the mystery, the Investigators must carefully analyze the clues provided by the Forensic Scientist. If any of the Investigators successfully identifies both the "Key Evidence" and "Means of Murder," the Murderer is apprehended, resulting in victory for both the Investigators and the Forensic Scientist.

It's crucial to note that the Murderer (and occasionally the Accomplice) may be among the Investigators. Therefore, the innocent Investigators must vigorously defend themselves against false accusations.

Accomplice (Deception)
Accomplice 1 The Accomplice assumes an optional role in games involving 6 or more players. With knowledge of the Murderer's identity and the crime's solution, the Accomplice and Murderer both emerge victorious if the Murderer evades capture.
Witness (Deception)
Witness 1 The Witness serves as an optional role when playing alongside the Accomplice. This Investigator has witnessed the culprits departing from the crime scene. However, they lack the means to discern which individual is the Murderer and which is the Accomplice, as well as the specifics of how the crime transpired.

If the Murderer is apprehended but can identify the Witness, the Witness is considered to be eliminated, enabling the Murderer and the Accomplice to evade justice and secure victory in the game.