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This is a list of Warring Colonies Survivors in the Dead of Winter board game IP:

George Coleman[]

Economist. Bespectacled man with glasses wearing a hoodie and carrying a book.

The Enforcer[]

Vigilante. Masked man with an open overcoat and a baseball bat.

Huang Fen[]

Retiree. Elderly woman holding a cane and a flare.

Father Fitzpatrick[]

Priest. Elderly man wearing a bodywarmer holding a rosary and Bible.


Lobbyist. Long-haired man in a leather jacket brandishing a long rifle.

Marcus Johnson[]

Security Officer. Bald man with power armor.

Rohan Patil[]

Small Business owner. Man with a mustache wearing a thick jacket and jeans.

Oscar Rios[]

Auto Mechanic. Heavyset man holding a toolbox.

Charlotte Ross[]

Spy. Short-haired woman in a leather jacket holding a pair of binoculars.

Atticus Sanders[]

Veteran. Older man in a wheelchair wielding a shotgun and wearing camo gear and a bandolier.

Fernanda Suarez[]

Artist. Woman with long hair wearing a red dress holding an artist sketchpad.

Danica Walker[]

Student. Young girl wearing a hoodie, holding a gun and knife.

Hawk Wheeler[]

Cowgirl. Heavyset woman wearing leather, a cowboy hat, and a bandana wielding a revolver and lasso.

Scott Wheeler[]

Marketing Rep. Blond man wearing a thick overcoat and a red scarf.

Bernadette Wilson[]

CEO. Short-haired woman in a brown overcoat loading a gun.