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This is a list of The Long Night Survivors in the Dead of Winter board game IP:

Rocco Bellini[]

Father. Brown-haired bearded man wearing a leather jacket.


Test Subject 112. A monkey who was a subject of Raxxon's experiments.

Jamie Gilmour[]

Private Detective. Woman in a red coat wielding a hatchet.

Melissa Gupta[]

Mechanical Engineer. Long-haired woman wearing a safety vest holding a drill.

Emma Han[]

Student. Young girl with a book in a blue jacket reading a book.

Kevin Jackson[]

Sniper. Man in a baseball cap holding a rifle.

Elijah Jordan[]

DJ. Kid in a heavy sweater with a baseball cap holding a torch.

Chloe Larousse[]

Dancer. Black-haired girl in a brown jacket.

Lily Mae[]

Explosives expert. Woman in a green vest holding a board with a nail in it.

Fatima Maktabi[]

Professional Athlete. Woman in a blue vest with long hair.

Gia Naajar[]

Physical therapist. Lanky woman with long red hair in a brown sweater.

Alfonso Ortega[]

Gunsmith. Long-haired man in a green jacket holding a rifle.

Eric Parker[]

Coach. Man in a beanie and leather jacket wielding a sledgehammer.

Nadia Rivers[]

Politician. Woman with long hair wearing a maroon jacket speaking into a walkie-talkie.

Rosa Rodriguez[]

Prison Guard. Long-haired woman wearing an army jacket wielding an assault rifle.

Kumar Sen[]

Public speaker. Blind man in a brown suit.

Hugo Valentine[]

Bike messenger. Transgender man in a camo jacket smoking a cigarette.

Anita Wallace[]

Unknown occupation. A heavyset woman with an afro.

Cole Winters[]

Pharmacist. Short blond guy holding a lantern wearing a black jacket.

Derek Yoshida[]

Nutritionist. Scraggly man wearing a black jacket.