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This is a list of Promotional Survivors in the Dead of Winter board game IP:

Ruckus Burley[]

Unemployed. Man in dark sunglasses and camo bodywarmer wielding a hockey stick. Promotional card included in the special edition first issue of the Dead of Winter comic (2017).

Kodiak Colby[]

Woodsman. Man in a fuzzy hat and a read plaid shirt. A special pre-order character (2014).

Felicia Day[]

Actress. Woman with short red hair with green pants, a black jacket and scarf, holding a sword. Promotional card from the 2015 International TableTop Day kit (2015).


Birthday Clown. A man dressed as a clown holding a cake. Promotional card for Plaid Hat Games 10th anniversary (2019).

KD James[]

CDC Official. Long-haired woman in a hazmat suit. Promotional card included with the Raxxon board game (2017).

Roberta Plum[]

Mall Mrs. Claus. Elderly woman in a Santa outfit holding a bottle of booze and a lit cigarette. Promotional card from Filosofia Editions Online Store (2015).

Rich Sommer[]

Regular guy, known for Mad Men. Brown-haired guy riding a motorcycle. A special pre-order character for Dead of Winter: The Long Night (2016).

Rodney Smith[]

Mountie. A man in a red RCMP uniform with a horse behind him. Promotional card given out during the Watch It Played Indiegogo Campaign (2016).

Meryl Wolfe[]

Journalist. Woman with blonde curly hair and a black suit, holding a crow bar. Promotional card included with the Raxxon board game (2017).