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This is a list of Dead of Winter Survivors in the Dead of Winter board game IP:

Gray Beard[]

Pirate. White-haired man carrying an uzi.

Harman Brooks[]

Park Ranger. Black-haired man in a green coat.

Olivia Brown[]

Doctor. Redheaded woman in a long black coat.

Annaleigh Chan[]

Lawyer. Black-haired woman in a black coat.

Mike Cho[]

Ninja. Man dressed all in black.

Jenny Clark[]

Waitress. Blonde woman in an off-white jacket, wielding a knife.

Loretta Clay[]

Cook. Silver-haired woman in a black jacket.

Buddy Davis[]

Fitness Trainer. Blond man in a striped shirt.

Gabriel Diaz[]

Fireman. Dark-haired man in a fireman's uniform, carrying an ax.

Andrew Evans[]

Farmer. Man in ballcap and dark blue jacket.

David Garcia[]

Accountant. Black-haired man in a gray jacket.

Alexis Grey[]

Librarian. Blonde woman in a black jacket.

Thomas Heart[]

Soldier. Man in camo-jacket holding a gun.

Brandon Kane[]

Janitor. Gray-haired man wielding a mop.

Talia Jones[]

Fortune Teller. Woman with dreadlocks and a red hooded jacket.

Brian Lee[]

Mayor. Black-haired man in a black jacket.

Maria Lopez[]

Teacher. Dark-haired woman in a red jacket, crouching.

James Meyers[]

Psychiatrist. Balding man in a tan jacket.

Rod Miller[]

Truck Driver. Man in a reflective vest sitting on a chair.

Forest Plum[]

Mall Santa. White-haired man in a Santa suit.

John Price[]

Student. Dark-haired boy in a dark jacket.

Sophie Robinson[]

Pilot. Blonde woman in a pilot jacket.

Ashley Ross[]

Construction Worker. Brunette woman in a white jacket.

Bev Russell[]

Mother. Blonde woman in a red jacket.

Daniel Smith[]

Sheriff. Man in cowboy hat with a brown jacket, taking a swing at a zombie.


Stunt Dog. A yellow dog with remnants of a red cape.

Janet Taylor[]

Nurse. Redheaded woman in a green parka.

Carla Thompson[]

Police Dispatcher. Dark-haired woman in a yellow coat.

Arthur Thurston[]

Principal. Balding man in a tan jacket holding a flashlight.

Edward White[]

Chemist. Dark-haired man with a beard in a red jacket.