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Dark Souls: The Board Game is a collaborative, explorative miniatures and dice rolling game designed by Steamforged Games, and based on the popular video games series by From Software.


Dark Souls: The Board Game features dice rolling and miniatures to have the players explore the the game board, which is made up of different modular dungeon tiles set out by the players at the start of the game.

Each game has 1-4 players face off against a slew of enemies as well as both a mini-boss and a full boss. During the course of the game players gather souls by killing enemies to upgrade their stats and equipment until they are formidable enough to take on the tougher enemies and bosses.

Each room/tile of the game features different scenarios of various difficulties to provide variety. Each scenario features different enemy types as well as traps and other environmental obstacles, and a lot of them feature chests which contain new items or equipment the players can use.