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In Cosmoctopus, there are four card types.


These are permanent upgrades that reduce the cost of other cards by the amount of resources shown at the bottom of the scripture card. These discounts can be stacked, and they can be used against Forbidden Knowledge costs but not against card costs. The discounts only apply to cards with a cost of O (zero) and cannot be used against other costs unless the card has the Forbidden Scripture icon (shown in the bottom right corner). Some scriptures also have the Submerge effect, which triggers once when the card is played. To Submerge, you discard each card in the card row and perform a Move Cosmoctopus action for each discarded card, gaining the tile bonus for each one performed. The ongoing effect of these cards functions normally.


These are permanent upgrades that provide continuous effects, typically related to resources. You can stack multiple relic effects. When you play a relic with the icon below its cost, you may immediately draw and keep the top card of the devotee deck. The ongoing effect of these cards functions normally.


Hallucinations bestow powerful one-time effects that resolve immediately when the card is played and are then discarded. Hallucinations with the icon below their cost allow you to play another card in the same turn if you have the required resources.


These cards grant a tentacle and additional one-time effects upon completion. To complete a constellation, you must fill all four slots on the card with resources. Whenever you gain a resource, you can choose to keep it or place it onto an open constellation slot with a matching icon. The top-left slot (A) is always open and must be filled first. Once a slot is filled, all slots it connects to via an arrow are considered open and can be filled. When all four slots are filled, you resolve the card's effect, return the four resources to the bank, and then discard the card.