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The Clarissa Explains It All Game (also known "Nickelodeon Clarissa Explains It All Game") is a dice board game based on the Nickelodeon television series "Clarissa Explains It All".

Game Description[]

Players answer questions picking from five predetermined answers and creating one of their own. Each of the predetermined answers garners a certain amount of spaces to be moved based on the answers popularity in a "survey of Clarissa's friends."

If any players match their made-up answers each player collects one of twelve keys in six colors from the center or another player. Moving takes place simultaneously with each player preforming the action on the space they land on.

Certain spaces lead to Crisis cards which can be countered with collected Rescue cards. Others allow players to attempt to win a Driver's License by picking three numbers and attempting to roll one of them on a die. Still other spaces just allow you to "hang out" or go get a snack.

If a player makes it around the whole board with at least one key and a Driver's License they choose one of six Car Cards and try to match the color of one of their keys. The first player to match a car and a key wins.