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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn 9: The Undercity:

Dale the Mycologist[]

Dale, a mushroom farmer with expertise in both edible and medicinal fungi, thrives in the fertile grounds of the Undercity. As a genial pixie, he is quick to become flustered when faced with unexpected challenges in his small crop.

Beastsergeant Ygella[]

Beastsergeant Ygella, a member of the Runoff Rangers, specializes in relocating subterranean wildlife to coexist harmoniously with the Undercity. Her experience, kind demeanor, and supply of spelunker snacks make her an invaluable presence in the Undercity.

Doctor Terci[]

Doctor Terci, a diligent medical professional in the Undercity, provides healing and medical services when surface access is limited. Terci is committed to patient confidentiality and adept at treating injuries and ailments.

Jett the Courier[]

Jett, a daring and agile kobold athlete, navigates the Undercity's tunnels with unmatched speed and precision. As a courier in the Couriers' Guilds, he delivers packages with unmatched skill.

Petra the Devious[]

Petra the Devious, a member of the Thieves' Guild, adds a touch of intrigue and scheming to the leadership of the Undercity. Her acquisition of her position, through unconventional means, hints at more devious plots on the horizon.