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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn 8: The Pub Crawl:

Samantha the Bookie[]

Samantha, the owner of The Scurvy Dog tavern, provides odds for barroom brawls, offering a unique and combative experience for those who visit her establishment.

Father Farai[]

Father Farai, a high-ranking official at the Great Temple of Greyport, expresses his passion for brewing in The Harmonious Cup, the temple's brewery. He serves up concoctions for those looking to savor a different kind of drink.

Lucky the Scofflaw[]

Lucky, with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, occasionally procures rare items, including Dwarven Firewater. Adventurers may stumble upon his hidden treasures in the right alley.

Phyll Startusk[]

Phyll, an acolyte during finals week at the Mages' Collegium, operates Startusk's, offering high-end potions and brews for a price. His establishment provides a unique experience for those in search of magical concoctions.

Nerodia the Petrifier[]

Nerodia, a clever and cunning gorgon, brings her business acumen and boundless energy to The Black Dragon Depths tavern. Her presence adds depth to the series as she interacts with adventurers and minions alike.