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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew:

Warthorn Redbeard[]

Warthorn Redbeard, the proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn, is a retired Dwarf adventurer who thrives on the company of his customers. He enjoys regaling them with tales of his past adventures.

Molly the Stablehand[]

Molly, the young halfling stablehand, manages the animals left behind by patrons visiting the Inn. Her character brings a touch of charm and humor to the series.

Jasper the Bouncer[]

Jasper, a retired aged wizard, serves as the vigilant bouncer of the Red Dragon Inn, ensuring that patrons don't get too unruly.

The Wench[]

The Wench, the ever-smiling waitress of the Red Dragon Inn, initially tasked with serving beverages to characters as needed, eventually transitions into a playable character, contributing to the series' diversity.